Our project is entitled “Facebook or face-to-face? A Multicultural Exploration of the Positive and Negative Impacts of Science and Technology on the 21st century”.

It is a 3 year work and we focus on 3 main topics:

  • The 1st part deals with different countries’ identities and cultures BEFORE modern technology had an impact on the different cultures of the participating countries.
  • The 2nd part focuses on a more PRESENT timeframe in the search of positive solutions to problems created by modern progressions like industry, population growth and environmental problems.
  • The 3rd part will be a study of MODERN TIMES, investigating the positive and negative effects of modern technology on the individual, society, culture and languages of the six cooperating countries.

Now have a close look at the logo and try to guess the names of the six countries that take part in our Facebook or face-to-face project.

All this is part of the European Exchange Network.