For the meeting in Granada, students working on the project had to prepare a questionnaire about ecology but also documentaries about the environment in their countries.
Here are the videos made by the different teams regarding ecology:

After watching the 6 documentaries, they had a debate that focused on several aspects like education, green solutions from other countries, everyday actions in favour of environmental protection and commitment to reducing the world’s carbon footprint.

Then, each country had to think about the message they wanted to convey regarding the protection of our planet. In order to educate their communities, they had to make art objects which represent their visions of the environmental matter.

The posters above will be used during local exhibitions while the postcards below will be handed out to kids from local schools and town representatives so that everyone hears about the protection of the environment and what our European partnership is doing to make people aware of it.

Finally, the results of the questionnaire have been compiled here.